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Auction Grades

We consider Auction Grades 3.5 ~ 4.5 as a “grey area”. Condition can vary amount these grades depending on which auction and grading strictness at the auction. It can also vary by the inspector within a single auction. Best course is to discuss what conditions you want with your buying agent and rely on their experience.

Grade Description
1 Multiple Meanings. Can indicate a heavily modified sports car (turbo added, piping, intercoolers, roll cage, etc). Can also indicated a Water Damage (submerged vehicle), Fire Damage, or other condition that not standard or acceptable and is therefore NOT being condition graded by the auction. It is likely the vehicle would NOT pass Japanese road registration inspection in the current condition.
2 Poor condition in need of mechanical and/or physical repairs.
3 Below Average for Car; Average Condition for Truck & Commercial Vehicles. Car will have significant body and/or interior work needed
3.5 Lower Range of Average for Car; Above Average for Truck & Commercial Vehicles. Car will have some body dents, scratches, and likely need interior cleaning. Important that your buying agent has good understanding of your condition requirements, and what work you wish to do on cars.
4 Average Condition for Car; Very Good Condition of Truck & Commercials. Average condition will still have some smaller dents and scratches on the car so if your panel work costs are the same regardless of the size of a scratch or dent, keep that cost in mind.
4.5 Above Average Condition for Car; Excellent Condition of Truck and commercial. While there should be only minor scratch or dent of smaller size, the car will not be perfect.
5 Excellent Condition for Car. There should be no flaws except only those of the most minor appearance and very difficult to find and identify. It's a "near new" condition.
6 Equivalent to New Car condition. Not commonly used, but should indicate a car that appears in like new condition, however has more than 2000km on the meter and could be more than 1 year old.
S New Car Condition. While the condition is that of a new car, it IS NOT a new car. It should be less than 2000km driven and should be less than 1 year or at some auctions 6 months past the 1st registration in Japan. It does NOT mean the car will have all the same options or accessories as it would when rolled off new from dealership. It may have no audio head unit, and it may not have same number of spare keys as provided new. You should confirm installed options with your buying agent before placing a bid.
RA Repaired Accident Above Average. Vehicle has been repaired, however the inspector believes it was a smaller repair done properly. These can be good cars, but condition varies by auction and inspector. Auction sheet comments MUST be read, and you should consult your buying agent before bidding.
R/A Repaired Accident. There is no indication of how large or how well the repair was done from the auction grade itself. Auction sheet comments MUST be read, and you should consult your buying agent before bidding. Cars of grade R and A should be checked before buying.

Auction Sheet

Inspection USS Inspection JU
A1 : Scratch (fist size)
A2 : Scratch (2palm size)
A3 : Scratch (larger than A2)
C1 : Corrosion
C2 : Corrosion (Hole)
E : Tiny Dent
R : Chap Repaired
RX : Cheap Repaired Needs Replacing
S : Rust
U1 : Dent (thumb size)
U2 : Dent (palm size)
U3 : Dent (larger than U2)
W1 : Wavy Panel (fine)
W2 : Wavy Panel
W3 : Wavy Panel (conspicuous)
X : Needs Replacing
XX : Replaced
Y1 : Hole2 Crack (thumb size)
Y2 : Crack (palm size)
Y3 : Crack (larger than Y2)
A : Replaced
B : Replaced
B1 : Dent (1cm)
B2 : Dent (larger than B1)
B3 : Dent (fist size)
B4 : Dent (larger than 20cm)
B5 : Dent (throughout)
C : Corrosion
D : removal.
P1 : Scratch
P2 : Scratch (larger thanP1)
P3 : Scratch (larger thanP2)
P4 : Scratch (larger thanP3)
P5 : Scratch (throughout)
S : Rust
W1 : Wavy Panel (fine)
W2 : Wavy Panel
W3 : Wavy Panel (conspicuous)
XX : Replaced
小 : Scratch (small)
大 : Scratch (large)
Inspection AAAI Inspection TA
× : Needs Replacing
×× : Replaced
△ : Sheet Metal Processed/Repainte
A : Scratch (Dent)
B : Needs Sheet Metal Processing
C : Corrosion
H : Discoloration
P : Needs Repainting
S : Rust
W : Wavy Panel
凹 : Dent
× : Needs Replacing
×× : Replaced
A : Scratch (Dent)
B : Scratch with Dent
C : Corrosion
G : Stone Chip
H : Hole
P : Repainted
S : Rust
U : Dent
W : Repaired

Sample Auction Sheet

Sample Auction Sheet