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How to Buy

How to Buy?

We provide wide variety of models of various Japnaese makers such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Subaru, Isuzu and Daihatsu.

There are two ways to purchase vehicles from us.


How to Buy Process

Step 1. Select your vehicle.

Choose the vehicle you want to purchase. Our stock search engine will help you search through our stocks. You can also customize the search depending on your requirements and preferences. Detailed photos and specifications can be seen for each stock. Stock search engine is here:

In case if you do not find vehicle of your choice in our stock then please contact us through the Quotation form. Or use our Auction agent services.

Step 2. Get "Free Quote" or "Buy Now"

We reply unlimited numbers of serious inquiries regarding any vehicle present in our stock. Please feel free to ask any questions you have regarding the vehicle or purchase.

On your request we can also send you an invoice with full estimate within three working days. The invoice shall provide you with the full cost of the vehicle, shipment and others charges depending on the mode of shipment, as well as payment information.

Please note that the quotation amount is guaranteed for a limited period due to the fluctuation of currency exchange rate and shipping charges.

Step 3. Make Payment

A. Receive your Proforma Invoice in your email and print it out.

Take this invoice to your local bank and pay the full amount by bank wire transfer (Telegraphic Transfer). Our bank details are shown in the Invoice.

Payment is DUE within 5 working days after you receive Proforma Invoice.


We strongly advise our customers to BEWARE OF FAKE EMAILS about the Payment.

Make payment to ONLY INVOICE from our E-mail address.

Payment Note: Please cover All banking transfer fees required for payment, so that we receive the full payment shown in the Invoice.

Bank wire transfer (Telegraphic Transfer):

Please note that bank wire transfer is the only acceptable method to make the payment.

MUFG Bank Ltd.

Name of Bank MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Name of Branch HONGO BRANCH
Bank Address 3-33-5, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, TOKYO, JAPAN
Account Holder Name KARMEN LTD.
Account Number 4553009 (JPY/USD)

The Bank of The Joyo Bank, Ltd

Name of Bank The Bank of The Joyo Bank, Ltd
Account Holder Name KARMEN LTD.
Account Number (USD) 008-0012868
Account Number (JPY) 008-1232571

Note: If you find anything suspicious in the invoice, please contact our Sales Department immediately.

As soon as you complete your payment, please scan your confirmation receipt of payment and send its copy to us by email:


Phone: +81-2-4526-1710 (Fukushima Office)
Phone: +81-50-6865-7656 (Tokyo Office)

We will not begin to process the shipping procedures until your payment is received. Full payment, based on the mutual agreement, must be made for you to receive your car.


In case if the full payment is not confirmed by the due date, your order will be cancelled and your partial payments (if any) will be refunded to you.

Step 4: Shipment of your vehicle

As soon as we receive your payment, we will send you a confirmation email and we will also begin the shipping procedure of your vehicle at the same moment. We will inform you the scheduled date of shipment within next 5 working days.

Upon the completion of the shipment and departure of the shipping vessel, we will send you all the documents necessary to receive your vehicle at the port of destination.

Important Documents - The documents you need to receive for your car:

Export Certificate:

The original Export Certificate (Japanese)

English Export Certificate (translation is provided by AISHA TRADING).

Customs Invoice:

This document is for your local customs department to verify the value of your vehicle.

Bill of Lading (BOL):

You need Bill of Lading (BL) receive your vehicle at the Port of Destination (POD).

Other documents may be required depending on your country's regulations. Please our sales representatives for additional documents when they are required.

Step 5: Receive Your Vehicle

Please contact your local Customs office or clearing agent to make clearing procedures, and finally receive your car!

NOTE: Clearance charges and Customs duties are solely buyer’s responsibility and the buyer is liable for all the charges occurring at the port of destination. We are unable to provide any services regarding these charges and duties from Japan. It is also advised to inspect your vehicle before leaving the port as the vehicle has been unused for a while.

Auction Purchases

KAR-MEN Ltd. Provide an easy system to browse all Japanese auctions current stock and send proxy bids for your favorite cars. Our Bidders will place the bids in real time auctions on your behalf.

Step 01. Become Our Member

To buy from auctions, you need to make a deposit before the purchase. Amount of the deposit will depend on the vehicle and price. Please contact us and discuss the vehicle particulars, estimated price, and other requirements for a full quotation and required deposit amount.

Step 02. Place Bids

You can browse the auctions and place the bids after receiving your account credentials for our auction system. Our Sales staff will check your bids and after confirming the details, our auction staff will place the bids in real time auctions.

Step 03. Make Payment

On the successful purchase we will inform you and send the invoice for payment as agreed. Let us know the day you arrange payment, and if possible email a copy of the payment receipt for our reference.

Step 04. Shipment of vehicle

While you arrange the payment we will get photos and upcoming shipping schedule to keep you informed of the export process. Once we confirm your payment, we will proceed with the shipment of your vehicle. A copy of the BL will be forwarded by FAX or Email as you prefer to confirm the shipment.

Please be sure any and all balances are paid up as early as possible to avoid any unnecessary delay in the delivery of your vehicles. After shipment we will forward all original documents to you by express courier with tracking number. Copies of documents can also be sent by FAX or Email.

Receive Your Vehicle

Please contact your local Customs office or clearing agent to make clearing procedures, and finally receive your car!